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For over 20 years, we have been the premier group of astrologers, numerologists, palmists, graphologists, readers and mediums in the SW United States. Explore! Admission is FREE!
Doubletree at Reid Park; Tucson, AZ
All Shows are 9am to 4pm Arizona Time.

2018 Fair Dates:

January 7, 2018
February 4
*March 4*
April 1
May 13
June 3
July 1
August 5
September 2
October 7
November 11
December 2
On the First Sunday of Every Month*, you can meet the TOP PSYCHICS in TUCSON!

Larry Martin
Patricia Kirkman

Jane Seybold
Gail Kushner
Emma Paunil
Cynthia Roedig
Scheduled to Appear:
March 4, 2018

Larry Martin, Master Astrologer
Margarita, Palmist/Astrologer
Gail Kushner, My Psychic Search author
​Jane Seybold, Psychic Medium
​Patricia Kirkman, Numerologist
Kat Reigel, Pet Psychic
Morgana Dragonfly, Master Tarot Expert
Kareen Martin, Pendulum, Tarot, Healing
Laurie Hays, Spirit Guides, Channeling
Kelsey Henderson, Stone Expert - Mystical Circle Oracle
Carolyn Munson, PsychicCards Expert and Angel Readings
​​Amy Jacobsen, Angel Cards, Psychic
​Emmy Morgan - Angel Readings
Emma Paunil, Medium, Soul Reader
Teri Thene, Oracle Card Reader and Psychic Intuitive
Mark Ingenito, Certified Reiki Master Healer Katta
I.M. Within - Jewelry, Wands, Decorative Items
"VEE!", Channeler, Psychic, Life Coach, Owner of IAP consulting spiritual business.
Rich Schickel, Medium, Psychic and IRS Whistleblower - author of numerous books! Expert on many topics.
Making Space Massage with Brian Cahill - Expert Therapist & Healer
​Mystified Enlightenment​, Misty Thompson - Spiritual Connection Books; Psychic Medium, Spectacular Card Readings
  1. Gail Kushner
    Gail Kushner
    Author of "My Psychic Search", Gail's quest to discover REAL psychics led her here with her book on how she discovered the paranormal.
  2. Jane Seybold w/ Rick
    Jane Seybold w/ Rick
    Jane is Tucson's Top Medium! Peer into the past, present or future and transcend from what you know to what you could know! Ask Jane about her next workshop!
  3. Margarita
    Margarita has the rare gift of being able to read both palms and astrology charts. She has delivered amazing wisdom to thousands and also has information that can transform your life among mortals! ASk both the stars and your own palm lines to guide you further than ever before!
  4. Karreen Martin
    Karreen Martin
    Brilliant psychic, healer, intuitive and therapist; Karreen can help remove blockages and help you achieve a greater awareness than you had the day before you met her - extraordinary!!!
  5. VEE! All Things Possible!
    VEE! All Things Possible!
    VEE represents where ALL of us want to be! All Things Possible is the mantra that will save us all in this crazy 21st Century!
  6. Morgana Dragonfly
    Morgana Dragonfly
    Morgana is our resident Master Tarot Expert. She had taught classes for many, many years! Venture to her table - learn about 2018
  7. Laurie Hays
    Laurie Hays
    Spiritual Consultant, Laurie, has helped hundreds of people across the country discover their angelic origins and spiritual purpose. ASk Laurie where your destiny lies.
  8. Kat Riegel
    Kat Riegel
    Visit Tucson's Strongest Pet Psychic - communicate with your animals! Beyond what you see on TV, Kat can help you connect with your beloved cat or dog - and even go beyond a bird, reptile, or home style critter you love!
  1. Emmy Morgan
    Emmy Morgan
    our resident Angel Reader can tell you which Angels are trying to communicate with you!
  2. Rich Schickel
    Rich Schickel
    Author of many Life Changing books, this former whistleblower on the IRS is a spiritual warrior of immense proportions. Consult with Rich as soon as possible to see what your future holds!!!
  3. Ilise Spider-Woman
    Ilise Spider-Woman
    From Shamanic healing to the clearing of negative energies, Ilise can help you with a wide range of naturalistic wonders that can also look into your future. Raise your potential up a notch and visit this gifted psychic.
  4. Amy Jacobsen
    Amy Jacobsen
    A truly amazing psychic! Amy can sort the problems from the blessings in a short visit to her table. Get clear and awaken your inner wisdom with what Amy sees for you!
  5. Carolyn Munson
    Carolyn Munson
    From Angel Visions and cards to a truly gifted insight, Carolyn can dissolve blockages and help you help yourself to aim into a more positive direction.
  6. Doubletree Court Yard
    Doubletree Court Yard
    A beautiful area for meditation and conteplation after what you received from one of our intuitives or mediums. Multiple sources of guidance help you on your way to navigate thru the year and beyond.
  7. We're in The Bonsai Room!
    We're in The Bonsai Room!
    The Doubletree at Reid Park has been our home for many years. ASk at the front lobby or anywhere throughout this luxurious hotel complex for the Bonsai Room - you'll find your answers there!
  8. Doubletree Restaurants
    Doubletree Restaurants
    There are two high quality and interesting restaurants here at the Doubletree, plus a relaxing lounge at the lobby for both sports watching on multiple TVs hosting comfortable seating - PLUS great food!
Larry Martin
and Mystic Messengers
P.O. Box 89573
Tucson, AZ 85752-9573


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